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    On a trip to the Lake District a couple of weeks ago we suffered a mishap; on a typical Lake District road (two lanes but just, bends every couple of yards, busy, overgrown etc.) we got too close to the nearside and unfortunately there was something solid in there - a wall, a post, I know not what - resulting in damage to the wing mirror, side guttering, roll out awning, habitation door hinges, both near side habitation windows, and the gas water heater cowl. Basically everything protruding got clouted - we were very lucky no damage was done to the 'van bodywork itself, another inch or two would have been disastrous.

    As it is, the quote we've received for repairs from Cleveland Motorhomes is over £3000.00, so bang goes the no-claims.

    My principal reason for posting (apart from sharing my sorrows) is that I hope this my act as a cautionary tale for other relative newcomers to motorhoming; I was getting quite blase about driving the 'van, had stopped thinking about the extra width as I believed I'd got used to it, and basically just got overconfident - I wasn't driving too quickly but I certainly wasn't taking the care I should have been. Pride does indeed go before a fall!
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    Ouch indeed

    When we had the RV although fortunately didnt have anything quite so major but the knocks and scrapes from parking we ended up naming as a momento:Smile: before we got rid of it we had Paris, Bruges and Lake Garda and can remember how I did each one vividly (post, tree etc) :RollEyes: I too used to get a little over confident with knowing the size:Doh: or not knowing the size as the case may be:Blush:

    Hope it all gets fixed soon
    Take care
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    Thank you

    Well done not many of us put our hand up and say IT WAS MY FAULT. We can all get a bit over confident at times ,a lesson for us all thank you and I hope the repair goes well and you are out and about soon
    Dave and June dotsontour
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    Well most would have not said it was my fault:thumb: so you have learnt something you will not easily forget, no one was hurt and your van came away without being too badly damaged, see there is always a bright side if you look hard enough:BigGrin:.
    let us all know how the repairs go :thumb:
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    same scenario many years ago in a car.

    forced too far to the left by a bread (mothers pride) truck.

    deep gouge, deep enough to split the panels, the full length of the car at waist height caused by a wayward stone protruding from wall in the underrgrowth.

    driver never stopped....who do you sue ?.
    no damage to the truck so he wasnt going to hold his hands up to running me off the road...was he !
    i was a young driver with only 3rd party insurance so ended up scrapping the car

    most lakeland roads are bordered by very robust drystone walls....even if you cant see them.....and the stone wallers werent to bothered about keeping the sides relatively smooth and even.

    remember, many of these walls were built when the horse and cart ruled the roads..
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