OUCH, Sore head and wallet now


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Oct 30, 2009
Street, Somerset
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Garage has finally got my head off after my night of misery sat on the A34.
Head is cracked in 3 places and one of the cracks has lifted slightly resulting in the need for a new head, £588 pound for new casting and my valves etc to be transferred, not cheap but the old girl is worth doing, then labour on top of course. One small blessing is that the recovery agents after receiving a very strongly worded complaint agreed that 12 hours waiting for a recovery truck was totally out of order and have paid out for loss of wages for myself my son and son in law who all lost a days pay due to not getting home till late on the Monday morning, a small amount as compensation and refunded my fee for recovery as unfit for purpose! Erm need to find new breakdown cover now Der!!!