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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by nomadic, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Yes, its a year since we first looked at M/F, and we keep looking and some times contributing, so its time to do the intro's.

    Like many others, Lynda and I have had proper jobs, retired and started again. We, being life long menbers of the C@CC, joined the UK Sites Department as Assistiant Wardens, to be made up to Waedens, (now Holiday Site Managers). Then three years ago, last march, we again retired. Cause, well we lost three friends and colleagues in that final year, and it made us think!!

    We left our last site as I say in March 2005, started to tour the coastline of the UK and we have'nt been home since, so I think we qualify as fulltimers.

    We have camped with tents, trailer tents, folding campers, caravans and now motorhomes.

    Our first was a Lunar 780 with a 4.5 metre safari room, ideal for our life on camp sites, then in December 05, we changed to a Bessy 760, and we use a Movelite XL awning, when we have longer stays, it works well for us.

    Our last outing started on 1/4/08 to Denmark/Sweden and Finland, including France/Belgum/Germany/Holland and Luxenburg, returning to Uk 1/7/08. I had intended to moniter the fuel prices in each country, but we all know what happened to fuel prices. All I can say is we paid £1.02/litre to fill at the start, and £1.32/litre to fill up, at the same station on our return, to complete the consumption analysis. The trip was 5090 miles long, and the Bessy returned 26.98 miles per gallon. We thought that was very good.

    Of up the Lake Dristrict shortly for a few days, as we finalise our plans for the new year in France, or further afield.

    Neville & Lynda:thumb:
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    Sounds like you have had a great year living up to your forum name, well done.
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    Great little tale, thanks for sharing that with us :thumb:

    Keep your eye on tht meets calendar and if you can, pop along to one and say hello :BigGrin:


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