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Sep 7, 2021
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well, we've had our van almost exactly a year now, and I got thinking about all the little things that have gone wrong with it so far, and funny thing is that I don't really care - We've gone to some fabulous places and had a great time.


It's been back to the dealer a few times and to the Fiat garage too, and I've fixed lots of little things myself where it was easier to just do it than to take it back, but overall, even the time spent tinkering with it has been fun.

I did make a bit of a list of the main things that needed fixing or improving. I wonder if this is typical for a first year, or have we got off lightly (or badly)?



Base vehicle issues

Drivers heated seat not working - open circuit in the seat base heater pad. Have replacement pad to fit sometime
DPF sensor failure - fixed under warranty, but had to wait 4 weeks for part
Slow leak in one tyre - to be investigated when I get some time go to the tyre place

Habitation issues

Gas oven not firmly fixed and moved around when driving - needed to be remounted properly
Gas leak (very minor) from oven - fixed by Marquis - apparently mis-seated olive
Whale water heater - initially OK, then intermittent, now will not turn on at all. Warranty claim awaiting parts
Strip LED lights flickery then intermittent. Removed push fit connector and soldered wires instead fixed problem
Magnetic catch plates on sink came off. Re-glued in place with epoxy resin
Split charge relay fitted to van but vehicle has smart alternator. Removed vehicle battery fuse in control unit to prevent leisure battery from discharging to support vehicle battery while driving

Main Improvements

Replace XZent head unit with Sony unit capable of Android Auto/Apple CarPlay
Replace PWM solar controller with battery choice switch with MPPT duo controller
Adhesive silicone strip along bathroom sink base to catch drips when sink tipped up
TV bracket and TV installation
Digital OBD speedo added on dashboard
Ikea hanging shelves (Skubb) in wardrobe
Added dashcam and tracker
Homemade rear door shade canopy
Loads of storage tweaks
Loads of rattle elimination - particularly the flyscreen of the sliding door slapping against the door and the trim around the overcab skylight.

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