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    Dec 15, 2013
    A Manchester City supporter arrived at the pearly gates.

    St Peter openned the gate and said " Oi no, noo noooo Man City fan here, now $&%* off

    "But i've been good while i've been on earth" says he.

    "Well what have you done that was good"

    "I gave £10 to the victims of the tsunami in Japan,
    I gave £10 to the victims of the earthquake in China
    and I gave £10 to the starving children of Ethiopia".

    "Okay " said St Peter "I'll just go and put it to God, wait here"

    1 hr passes and St Peter returns

    "Right" he says "me and the big man have had a good talk about this"

    "Here's your thirty quid now %&*$ off no Man City supporters here"

    Edit :- how did i manage to get this in here.
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  2. yodeli

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    Oct 12, 2008
    Balma (next to Toulouse) France
    Well ... Knowing my JJ as a brillant business man .... I don't think this story fits him 100% ... In fact if you want the story to match the man .... There's one thing missing .... Where have the b****y interests on the 30 quid gone all these years?:D:cool:
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