Omnistor 5002 2.60m (1 Viewer)

Jun 26, 2018
Funster No
C class
we have a 2007 autotrail EKS. The wind out canopy is as titled. We want to buy a drive away awning. The height from ground to omnistor is 250 so straightforward enough as seems to be in the tall bracket for most awning manufacturers. The problem I perceive is the width at the point it attaches to the channel on the omnistor. Whilst it’s model no suggests 2.60 m the actual channel length is 2.46m . I as a newbie assume the width of the awning cannot exceed this? Lots of drive away awning manufacturer s seem to omit the width measurement at the point it fits into the omnistor rail. Can anyone advise of a suitable awning please as we are absolutely confused at the many we looked at on the net ! The width or lack of seems to be the issue?

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