olympic games - Chigwell doesnt want Caravan Club !!!

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    This just shows that Council Planning Offices do not understand some of the Acts they are required to administer.

    Under The Caravan Sites and Control of Development 1960 paragraph 4 exemption. The club is required to consult with the Local Authority. The Caravan Club has done this and the planners replied with no objections.

    Planning Permission is not required for these sites as the consultation agreement is seen a presumed consent under the 1947 Planning Act.

    The club has followed the correct procedures. It would appear that NIMBY ism is raising its head in the case.

    In the Daily Mail last week there was a similar article and they quoted a 28 day rule. DEFRA has issued a letter to Local Authorities that it does not wish the agreement to limit Temporary Holiday sites to 28 days to be applied for those set up for the Olympics. This 28 day limit is an agreement to limit these event to 28 days by Defra and the clubs. It is not a rule.

    Many planning officers do not seem to know that there are other clubs than the BIG ONES that hold these exemptions.

    I have studies these Acts and regulations as an exemption certificate holder for a club with paragraph 4, 5 and 6 + camping exemptions. These are the same as those held by the big clubs.
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