Older Fiat Ducato Turbo Hose - Worth Checking

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    On a recent trip I'd noticed my 2005 Fiat Ducato 2.3 JTD's MPG had dropped a bit. On our latest trip I heard a distinct 'pop' sound whilst cruising down the Brum Toll Road at 70mph and suddenly I couldn't get it to go over 60mph. The culprit was the jubilee clip on the turbo hose, which had worked loose with vibration (see arrow below) causing the hose to pop off:


    Not the first time either - it went very early on when we bought it new 10 years ago. The Fiat factory fitted clip appeared to be Space Alien technology, as no known human tool could adjust it or re-fit it. The recovery guy who attended at the time replaced it with a standard jubilee clip and gave me a spare one just in case.

    Fair enough, it's taken a decade to go again, but this time I was able to fix it very quickly at the roadside with a screwdriver before getting straight on with our trip. Not only that, but the MPG improved noticeably.

    I thought I'd share this experience with fellow old Ducato owners in the hope that it might spare you some future bother. My advice is:

    1. Before any long trip check this clip is fully tightened, especially if engine performance has been flagging recently.
    2. If you've still got the original Space Alien Fiat clip on the hose, carry a spare jubilee clip of suitable size in case it pops, then you won't have to wait ages for roadside recovery.

    You have not been charged for this service :)
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    Also beware. My turbo hose was rubbing against the top of the radiator and wore through while we were in Spain. Thankfully Fiat garage in Benidorm got me a replacement within three days.

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