Old model vs new Remoska

Discussion in 'Cooking in your Motorhome' started by Eeyore, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Eeyore


    Oct 28, 2010
    Our old Remoska is showing its age so I bought a new one from Alza before coming away for the winter.

    Three months on and I really don't like it as much as the old one:

    No glass panel in the lid so I can't see what's going on
    Stiff electric lead which makes lifting the lid awkward as the lead kinks
    It seems quite a lot slower to heat up ( thicker pan ?)
    The pan comes off the stand very easily and, being very hot, it's awkward to get it back in again
    My pan divider won't fit in the new pan.
    The lead is, I think, shorter, so I can't easily use it with an extension lead on the glass hob top as I used to with the old one.
    I think it gets hotter than the old one eventually. Certainly stews seem to boil dry via the 4 (not 2 ) vents more quickly than they seemed to in the old one.

    Is there anyone out there who agrees with me ? Does anyone know if the new pan will fit in the old stand ? That at least would be an improvement !
  2. Shrimp

    Shrimp Funster

    May 27, 2015
    Only just seen your post!
    Yes I agree, I didn't like the new Remoska on sight, no glass to see what's going on-I like to cover my cake when it's nearly there to make sure the internals are cooked thru!
    I heard that a whole chicken is too tall to fit in without touching the lid, you have to use foil to stop it burning!
    The Lakeland hype is just that-hype-nearly all the review-ees didn't like it!
    I went to eBay and found a new one, in box, never been used so now I have a back up in case mine gives up!

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