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Jeroen van den Oever

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Oct 25, 2014
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Hi all,

We are looking at motorhome insurance and wonder if anyone has had experience of "old for new" cover with Caravan Guard. They are 4x more expensive than any other insurer we've talked to, and I assume it is for the "old for new cover".

I've tried looking for the precise terms and conditions for this cover, but can't find anything substantial on their site. I assume it is as they quote - if the motorhome is written off, they replace it with a brand new one? For example, a year down the line, if it was written off, we could get a 2015 model motorhome with the same options and specifications?

This is going to be a personal choice, weighing up the risk and recompense in our heads, but in anyone's experience here - has anyone invoked the new-for-old clause? This helps us gauge risk...

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