NZ Freedom campers .. advised safety in numbers

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    Updated at 9:55pm on 8 January 2011

    The Motor Caravan Association is advising freedom campers to heed the safety in numbers warning, following an attack on a campervan in Golden Bay on Saturday morning.

    A 59-year-old Christchurch man has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, after allegedly smashing the campervan's windows with a machete or slasher and trying to set it alight at Pakawau near Farewell Spit.

    The association's president, Dick Waters, is urging freedom campers to travel with other vans when visiting remote spots.

    He says while freedom campers are occasionally harassed, he is shocked by the ferocity of Saturday's attack.

    Mr Waters says the association, which has more than 40,000 members, does not condone freedom camping in vehicles that are not fully self-contained, or in areas where it is not permitted.
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    Anybody that Wild Camps in NZ is a prize Idiot! Nz culture is differant from UK culture! the Maori have a different take on personel property than the European, it's their culture! whats mine is yours, AND, whats yours is mine!
    NZ is not a paradise! hula hula girls fanning fevered brows, think NZ think UK!
    If you go to NZ leave the stars in your eyes behind! If you don't do it here! don't do it there!

    And where did this PC bulldust come from "Freedom Camping"!

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