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    Oct 30, 2010
    Anywhere and everywhere
    We have been many places and have tried to put our selves into a proper bay allocated so not to take up too much space (Ok we are a tad long and stick out a bit at the rear) But atleast our nose is in line (most times)
    We are now at Palencia (Spain) and if you have been here before you will know they have dedicated spaces for Motorhomes and a dump facility. If you have not been here before then put it on your travel list as its worth a visit or two.
    Anyway it was manic Thursday and we got in just in time as there was a flotilla of Motorhomes followed just after us and they filled what left of the bays and doubled up in the far corner. Today is Friday which means there will be many coming for the weekend, Not mushroom now and its still early.
    Well a Friendly European (French) turned up earlier and reversed his trailer onto a Motorhome bay, us thinking he will turn it on the grass behing him and put his Motorhome in front. No, The trailer has been left taking up a much needed space and his motorhome is in another bay. Not Playing Fair says us.
    Then the van next to us is, yes he is “A Dribbler” but a heavy one as they have more or less dumped the tank where they are parked. Why do they do this when there are facilities on site with full dump and water.

    So rant over and going out for a drink or three.
    A couple of pics to show we are good travellers and park the right way “ish”..Fatima (Portugal) Palencia (Spain)

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  2. chrissyvine


    Feb 15, 2014
    Hi Brian and Chris
    Just missed you as I was at Caseres for the last two nights and may have an explanation for the influx of vans on your site. This weekend is the Womad festival in the old town and the Aire became so busy yesterday that vans were parking in the coach bays and on waste ground and a small French one on the paved area next to me. During the evening coaches arrived and couldn't park and then the police arrived with a tow truck and forcibly removed some of the cars. Motorhomes not on the Aire were sent "on their way" and many probably ended up at Palencia as the Caseres site was offering special rates for festival goers. I left this morning and am sweating it out on a grotty Aire near Oropesa (west of Talavera). Snow seen on mountains to North - feel like rolling in it I'm so HOT.

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