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..and we'll be off. Nicola and the human waste disposal unit are off to Durham on the train tomorrow morning to see her mum for the night. Myself and the dog are driving up on Saturday morning in the MH to collect her, then on to Dunstan Hill C&CC site for a couple of nights. From there we go to Kielder Water, then Windermere, then meeting up with some friends in Whitby for a few days and finally just one night at Castleton in Derbyshire on the way home. I can't wait. If anyone's in any of those areas come and have a beer (y)

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Now at Braithwaite Fold C&CC site at Windermere and this is the first time we've had and kind of phone signal/internet/wifi and being "off the grid" for a few days has been a rare treat.
Dunstan Hill C&CC site was good. Nice family atmosphere. Very helpful, friendly wardens. 15 minute walk from the beach and about the same from the pub in the nearest village which served good food. Would be happy staying there again.

Leaplish Caravan Park at Kielder Water was one of the best places we've stayed. The site is part of the Kielder Water and Forest Park which is centred around the lake. The site is in the forest and has open pitches overlooking the lake and much quieter ones hidden in the trees. There is a pub/restaurant a short walk away down by the lake, nice forest walks and a boat trip around the lake. Other than that not much, ideal to get away from everyone for a while. Not the cheapest site to stay on but IMO well worth it. We will definitely be back, and for longer than 2 night.

Braiwaite Fold is pretty much a generic club site but in the perfect location for us. It's actually closer to the lakeshore at Bowness than the B&B we've used for the last 5 years! Again nice friendly wardens, it has everything it should have. No complaints.
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