Not a good day!

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Bushtrekker, May 17, 2012.

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    Jan 4, 2012
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    I started unloading at 6am, so that I could do some of the jobs I needed to do and sorted the water boiler by 6.30am. I rang the transport firm that MOT's my Discovery and they said they could do the motorhome at 2.00, so I drove over and they started waving me onto the ramp at which point there was a noise, as though I'd driven over something. It turned out they had underestimated the height of their door and my roof bars had rattled the roller shutter, hence the noise.

    On my way back I called at Ikea, to see if I could find a mattress, but of course the mattresses on Htmer beds are non-standard, so I headed back, pausing at the services for a coffee and to ring the people Tonka told me about to arrange an MOT first thing tomorrow.

    Theoretically it should sail through, as it has only done 1300 miles since the last one, but I spotted something this afternoon which might cause problems, a small rust hole in the wing on the inside where it joins the chassis. I also discovered, ten minutes after Halfords closed, that the sidelight bulb is not one I've seen before and the MOT is at 7.30, an hour before Halfords opens.

    Tomorrow could be worse than today and if it fails on what I've noticed the garage which did the last MOT can expect a visit from VOSA, as the vehicle has been off the road since September, when the last owner SORNED it.:Angry:
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    Calm Down - it's only a motorhome.

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