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  1. pollykettle


    May 20, 2012
    Hi could anyone advise me on touring Norway from England in June. Thanks Pollykettle:Smile:
  2. Phill D

    Phill D

    Dec 6, 2011
    South Wales
    Hi, if you want to stay south and near the ports then the Hardhanger fjord and Voss / Bergen areas have some stunning scenery. :thumb:

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  3. campa cola

    campa cola Funster

    Oct 5, 2012
    Sarf Ayrshire
    Food is very expensive for example £3.50 + for a loaf of bread, so people load up with everything they can before going into Norway. Fuel is comparable with the UK but nothing else is.....petrol stations are fewer & more expensive as you go farther north, but I never had an issue with getting enough fuel even driving up to Nordkapp. water and waste disposal are well catered for in garages and some laybys and aires.

    June 2013 was Ok but it was starting to get a little busy as the month went on, mainly French & German MH's with some Norwegians and sprinkling of other nationalities, I only met one other Brits in the whole of Norway in a MH. Pretty sad .:cry:

    wild camping is everywhere, you can park up in laybys, bits of land by or far from the road -all legally (everymans right to roam) and safely as most laybys will be occupied by at least 1 other MH'er after approx 6pm and because its daylight 24/7 in June you can drive in the light safely until you find a suitable place. I regularly wild camped in laybys with MH'ers of many nationalities (except brits) next to the most beautiful fjords and mountains

    The only downside to wild camping is you might get some Norwegians turning up to a layby or picnic site after 12am (or even up till 3-5 am) for a Barbie...yes really! Your body clock will probably also go out of synch in 24 hour daylight, like theirs.

    Roads are narrow in places but generally good if they are main roads, but get worse as you go further away from them and some of the older tunnels under the mountains are also very narrow and very wet and dark in places, so you need to be on the ball with your driving. Some Norwegians are not great drivers so be on the ball for them also. also Be aware there are hidden speed trap cameras 'between' the official fixed safety cameras, a common ploy in Norway and if you get caught for speeding you will pay handsomely for it.......

    Many people (I did) take the 'route 17' journey through the fjords which is a meander along the beautiful coast and involves taking 8 ferries and turns into a delightful mini cruise/drive through the fjords. With plenty of campsites, aires, or wild camping and a few spectacular bridges.

    Do go, its beautiful, clean, majestic, wild, remote and breathtaking and in June should be reasonably warm with enough MH's around for company but not crowded. Its nothing like 'remote' in the UK, as its many hundreds of miles of remoteness and wilderness to get to the wilderness.......not much like that left in Europe.

    If you are there on the longest day there is a bit of a party at Nordkapp where people watch the midnight sun and get pissed! :thumb:

    see some pics in my gallery
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  4. Bailey58

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    Jun 23, 2010
    Norfolk and Toftir.
    You want info on Norway? Haven't read it all myself yet, saving it for later, but have a look at Sundowners Nordkapp threads, a mine of info, possibly more on the northern regions but a must read. :thumb:

    Here and Here
  5. the stig

    the stig Funster

    Oct 10, 2009
    Yes I was also going to mention the fantastic essay that Pamela and Nigel wrote about Norway about their visit along with Gary (Flatpackchicken):thumb:
  6. Sundowners

    Sundowners Funster Life Member

    Oct 30, 2007
    We really loved Norway------but our last trip we skipped the South and went in from Kiruna in Sweden to Narvik, and went 'across the top' as far as the Russian border
    As we said in our write-up Norway is expensive whereas Sweden is much the same as UK---------Check the mileage of any route you are thinking of, Norway is very long and if your time is limited you might spend too much time on the road.
    If you have any questions we would be glad to give our honest opinion if we can
    Nigel & Pamala
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