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Discussion in 'England' started by jezport, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Local authorities often have problems with signage in such cases because (as Norman Baker's letter says) no prescribed sign exists to convey, without being massive, what a TRO contains. The other factor, which Baker doesn't mention, is that LAs are told time and again not to put up too many signs as they lead to confusion and can become an eyesore.

    That is why, in many cases, we see signs along the lines of "Parking must be in accordance with the current order" which provide little direct information but are legal.

    There is a historical aspect in the Borough of Scarborough area where, several years ago, signs were erected on some streets which did not have proper TRO backing. Those have been removed, as they should have been a long time ago.

    What this campaign seems to fail to grasp, though, is that the TROs that are now in place (made by Scarborough Borough for off street car parks and by North Yorkshire for on street parking) are enforceable no matter what the signage. The TROs themselves do define the types of vehicle restricted and do define the hours to which the restrictions apply.

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