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  1. gypsylady


    Jun 24, 2008
    Has anyone else found this on a Fiat Ducatto base body?

    First time it happened I had used the remote key fob to open the doors. I'm sat in the back waiting for Hub to join me and as he approached he used his remote..... doors locked of course. Used the fob again to open the doors and when he tried to start the van ..... nothing.... no dash lights....... no battery. The control panel is flashing a red light for the engine battery.

    Tried a fob, and the alarm starts ...... and nothing we could do would stop it. Hub waggling all the wires he can find under the bonnet.

    Tried for about an hour (felt like 10). Phoned AA, just as we got past the music ... silence...

    And the engine fired.

    Well it's happened again. But this time I am on my own in Scotland I used the fob twice which turned alarm on, then opened the doors, (forgot I manually locked the doors last night) But I dont know which wires to wiggle.

    AA were called again and a very nice young man tried wiggling wires under the bonnet.

    Yippee! now I know where to look. It's a group of wires next to the battery, think it's the isolator/alarm connections.

    BUT, has anyone else had this problem, and what would be the best way to fix it? Should we just find a Fiat dealer to sort it out?
  2. Peter James

    Peter James

    Dec 5, 2009
    reading this from page 83 of the Handbook. But if it unlocked with the key fob the battery can't be disconnected

    (where provided)
    The battery disconnection function is enabled
    with the ignition key in the BATT
    position, as illustrated on the dedicated
    plate located in the area illustrated in
    fig. 81b. To turn the ignition key to the
    BATT position, press button A (red)
    fig. 81a. The battery will be disconnected,
    by interrupting the earth lead, about
    45 seconds after the key is turned to the
    BATT position.
    This 45 second period is necessary to:
    ❒ allow the driver to get out of the vehicle
    and lock the doors using the remote
    fig. 80 F0N0046m fig. 81 F0N0043m fig. 81a F0N0810m
    fig. 81b F0N0811m
    ❒ guarantee that all the vehicle electrical
    systems have been deactivated.
    With the battery disconnected, access to
    the vehicle will only be possible by unlocking
    the driver’s door using the mechanical
    lock. To restore the battery connection,
    insert the ignition key and turn
    it to the MAR position, the vehicle can be
    started normally at this point. When the
    battery has been disconnected it may be
    necessary to reset some of the electrical
    devices (e.g. the clock, date, etc.).
  3. Happy Hippy

    Happy Hippy

    May 16, 2010
    In my bus
    If wiggling the wires fixed it then it sounds like one of those wires has a bad connection - get a competent electrician to check and if necessary redo the connections, should hopefully stop it happening again.

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