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    At the moment, it is up to the local council to decide if it is legal or not to park on parking places overnight and 2 councils have banned parking at night (Toender council and Varde council) but a third council, Frederikshavn, has specific problems on 1 parking place and is considering charging for stop overnight at the parking place.

    The council will NOT ban overnight parking, as the councillor will not "participate in a hunt on motorhomes" or "force customers into the local campsites".

    The articles I have seen regarding the matter does not mention providing any facilities in return for charging though.

    While the public in the debates on the news sites seem to be sympatethic towards the fact that motorhomers does not want or need the facilities that campsites offer, but just want somewhere to empty the toilet and park for the night the Danish Camping Board (organisation representing mainly campsite owners) are unsympatethic and says that they depend on paying motorhomers and that it is strange that motorhomers does not pay to sleep, because people renting a cottage or a hotel room does pay to sleep.

    Some campsites offer a "QuickStop" which is overnight camping between 8pm and 10am and use of the facilities.
    The sites can be found here:


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