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we are relatively new to motorhoming, we bought a secondhand hymer in 2002 when we lived in spain and used it to drive back and forth to blighty. we moved back in 2003 and sold it because the wife got the jitters about the stories she had read about people getting gassed while asleep and robbed. In 2007 we decided to give it another go and bought a secondhand (1999) benimar. went around cornwall, devon a bit and then went to france, had a great time and decide to go the whole hog and go to nec and order brand new one. we did this in oct last year and are waiting for our Lunar Roadstar 780 to be delivered in march. we prefer the motorhome rather than towing a caravan, but it is a nuisance when you want to stay at a site for a while but have to pack everything up to go into town etc shopping ,sightseeing so we are considering towing a small car, just wanted to know the pitfalls/difficulties etc that anyone out there may have had?

look forward to hearing from someone

Nov 26, 2007
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Welcome Rollingrog,

I'm new to motorhoming (8 months now ) but my wife had one about 8 years ago, We have a Luner Roadstar 786 (06) Reg we were going to fit a tow bar and tow a car but have not yet as we find a lot of sites that are on public transport routes or within walking disatance to towns, I do not think that you will have any trouble towing a car as i find our Roadstar powerfull,The only thing you will find a difference in is the MPG as i do when i go over 65mph.

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