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Kathy and Jon

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Dec 18, 2017
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Morning All,

we have now joined and really excited, as we going to be starting with our new journey next year spring time :eek: and will be going straight into being full timers.....eeeek... :mad:
Nervy .... yeah ... :unsure:
Excited ..... very ... :D2
Nuts .... totally ...:ROFLMAO:

Questions and research still being done

Please could we ask an important questions..... The Toilet...yea this does worry me, especially when you camping off site.
I've done some research on this and came across.... Thetford and Sog and feel this is something that we could get fitted in our van, that's when we get one, as then least this can be emptied anywhere without causing any harm to the environment.

Which one do you feel is best?
Can these be fitted to all vans?

Also, the big many times can one go to the toilet before you need to empty it, or does this depend on the van/toilet?

I read, that you can only go 1 to 2 times......eeeeekkk...:sick::sick::sick:

Thank you for your help :)


Jul 18, 2015
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Toilet volume is dependent on how much you eat and drink really.
We've got a standard swivel type Thetford but didn't fancy the idea of SOG. However, some do but just ensure you don't park downwind from someone that has one fitted.
Not all as some have them fitted with others in mind but you can tell who doesn't
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However, there'll be more along soon with their suggestions so in the meantime
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Jul 5, 2013
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Thetford make toilets, SOG don't. SOG is the trade name for a type of extract fan that ventilates the toilet holding tank, called a cassette. It can be used on Thetford toilets or any other make that uses a cassette. Thetford also provide extract fans for some of their their toilets that do exactly the same thing as the SOG and our last two motorhomes had those fitted as standard. You can retro fit them and it is a bit easier than retrofitting a SOG unit.

Some say that using these type of extract fans means you do not need any chemicals in the toilet and it will not smell. I am not so sure about that as it seems to me that it just means you blow the smell onto your neighbours pitch. We do use "chemicals" in ours in the form of Bio washing liquid used for washing cloths that you can buy in all supermarkets. They are much cheaper than the traditional liquids you buy for chemical toilets and are more environmentally friendly.

The cassettes do not hold that much, and we (2 of us) find that they fill up within 2 or 3 days, but we usually use our own toilet rather than other facilities. You can buy an additional cassette to swap when the other is full, and that doubles the amount of time you can go before needing to find somewhere to dump.

Most American RVs and a few larger European motorhomes have a black water holding tank that is often big enough to hold 2 or 3 weeks worth of your efforts. These can be more difficult to empty, but others can advise you on that.

What you choose will depend upon how you will use your motorhome. If you intend to stay on campsites and other informal sites in Europe, often called Aires, then one cassette will do you fine, as nearly all of them will have emptying facilities. If you intend to "wild camp" in places with few, if any, facilities then you will need to think about buying a 2nd cassette or buying a motorhome with a black water holding tank.
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Jul 12, 2013
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We too do not fancy having a SOG fitted but have no problems with disposal. As far as I am aware, the only problem with universal disposal is the nature of the chemical being used. Biological chemicals should be kind to most systems. We use another tried and tested method which is also cheaper. We use one bio washing sachet from Lidles or Tesco etc. Providing the toilet was thoroughly cleaned of any chemicals before first using the sachet, not only will it be safe to use, smell ok but costs less than the marketed chemicals for toilets. We have used this method for several years without any problems.
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Oct 12, 2009
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Peterc10, above has given a good run-down.

I also would not fit a SOG. We use the Bio washing stuff(Sachets, but can be bottles) which are not labelled 'Bio' in Europe but look for the word 'Enzyme' in the contents.

We also carry a second cassette as we normally wildcamp. We find that with my(not her's) use of public toilets for a pee(Service areas, town, supermarkets etc.) when passing, and I am quite happy to do it where the animals do 'a Les Francais';), then with the 2 cassettes, we can usually stretch out to 6-7 days. One friend carries 3 cassettes.

You particularly raised the toilet subject, but in doing your research pay particular attention to:-

Payload and weighbridge weight of any possible MH purchase - do not trust manufacturers and Dealer's figures. Many are publishing figures without weight for full tanks and never include fitted extras, like awnings.

Damp check.

Obviously your licence entitlements versus MH weight.

Means of charging batteries - although much of upgrading, e.g. solar panels, battery-to-battery chargers can be retro-fitted.

You also need to decide on layout major issues like fixed/made-up bed, where you would store scooter/push bikes and other major items you want to take. Also if you are more than 2 people, the number of belted seats - retro-fit is not usually easy/possible.


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Dec 11, 2013
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We have a SOG it was on the van when we bought it, I think it works fine(y) as it pulls air through whenever the slide is open noxious gases are drawn away from the interior of the van, we don't put anything other than the usual No1's and No2's in the cassette and have tried the usual Bio washing stuff but honestly could not see any advantage as it certainly didn't smell of roses, the SOG have a charcoal filter that needs changing and if full timing you would be doing this 2 or three times a year, if its not changed as and when required I guess it could be quite anti social.

And yes 2 or three day for two people, possibly longer if you are out all day and "fill somebody else"

I think the next van will have a black tank for convenience.

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