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    Hello all this is my first post. I just fell into owning a class C 25ft 1979 Ford Country Squire with a 460 v8. My uncle owned it started fixing it up and lost interest and asked me if I would like to have it for free to take my kids camping. The worst thing about it is it has some water damage in the ceiling. The best is that it has newer tires (2yrs old) and its in good running condition. As of right now I am getting ready to fix the aluminum roof. I am considering using a sealer called Kool Seal. I am located in the U.S.


    (1) Is that a good sealer to use ?

    (2) What is the best way of taking what is left of the old sealer off ?

    (3) when I am working on roof should I feel safe to climb on the roof ? I just wanted to make sure I won't fall threw LOL.

    (4) What should I use were the sections of the roof connect I believe it is a 3 piece

    After I am done sealing the roof then I am going to start working on the inside of the RV. I already tore the old carpet out and all the seats. The floor is solid threw the hole RV. I am starting to tear the ceiling out now waiting for a couple of dry days so i can strip the roof and reseal it.

    Any answers/info and conserns are very welcome. I am very new to motorhomes but have grown up with parents always having campers and have owned a couple of my own now.

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    Hi and welcome to FUN, there will be lots of RVer's giving you some advice:thumb:


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