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Apr 30, 2008
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As an excited newcomer to motorhoming my husband and I are considering whether or not to fit a thatcham cat 1 security system to our Autocruise Starburst - which is scheduled for collection next week.
The premium discounts on the insurance would take at least 7 years to recoup, but I do appreciate there are issues of peace of mind to consider.
My husband thinks that the insurance would cover any losses, but I am concerned about the potential personal safety issues and the psychological effects of being robbed.
We have been quoted £599 for the installation of a suitable system.
Any words of advise would be appreciated to help us make a decision. :Confused:

N Luyetund

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Welcome to the fun Netty!

I think you've answered your own question, it's about peace of mind.... that's why we had ours fitted with an alarm...

Just remember to learn how to turn off the inside sensors if you have it on overnight ... frightened the life out of satnex2 in the early hours:ROFLMAO:


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Aug 22, 2007
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The premium on the insurance is a small consideration either way.

There are those who might say that the scallywags (being nice) will get in whatever you do and in some ways the easier it is the less damage.

It's a different matter when your in the MH and they attempt to break in - then you need the reassurance that an alarm could bring. If you're concerned then doing something will make your motorhoming more relaxed.

The Van Bitz Strikeback alarm system Van Bitz - Motor Caravan Security Systemsis the one that comes highly recommended for motorhomes.

We haven't gone down that route ourselves but do have preventative measures special lock covers (Armaplate), we tie the front doors together, push the backs of the seats against them and have a spacial alarm that detects changes in pressure so if anyone starts levering a window it goes off (cost £20) but doesn't if we walk around and a sensor (heat and movement) that starts a barking dog alarm.

All-in-all I think you'll feel better with an alarm.


Jul 19, 2007
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I wouldn't bother with insurance as an excuse for having an alarm fitted, the savings are tiny, and if they think you forgot to set the alarm and were subsequently robbed then you have given them a gold plated get-out clause.

Many people can get away without having an alarm fitted, I know one full timing member here who does not have an alarm. Their whole life is in that motorhome, but whenever they leave their vehicle it is on a site and is very rarely, if ever, left in a public place.

If people own European motorhomes which they often park up in city centres and then leave it unattended whilst they explore, then an alarm is a very good idea. Also if you leave your motorhome on your drive, whether European or USRV then an alarm just might save the day.You should insist that the alarm can be set to "part guard" so that it can protect the exterior as you sleep, this is especially important if you are going to wild camp, but even if you are only ever going to sleep on a site, the resulting peace of mind can make an alarm an excellent investment.

I would estimate that over 70% of crime against the motorhomer probably involves theft from outside the vehicle, and most alarms can't do anything about this. However some can, and if you have valuable bikes or Lafuma chairs etc its worth paying an extra couple of quid for an external alarm loop to protect these items because they can easily be taken when you leave the vehicle unattended or whilst you sleep in it.

Remember that an alarm is just an addition to your security and you should not rely on it exclusively. Park it and leave it in the wrong place and it will be robbed alarm or not!

On balance I would think most will benefit from an alarm, but only as an aid to a good nights sleep, Me? I use red wine which has the same effect:Smile:
Aug 22, 2007
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When We Got Our New Van This Year I Found My Insurance Company Would Not Insure Me Enless I Got A Cat One Fitted .
I Phoned Round And This Seamed The Norm .
Shop For Price On Cat One.
Your Van Will Probley Have Cat One Imoblizer Fitted As Standerd
So May Not Need A Full C1 Fitted .
Apr 30, 2008
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Thanks for all the useful information

Thank you to all who took the time to reply to my query.
After reading your replies my other half has agreed to have an alarm system fitted, much to my relief.
Our first long haul trip is planned for late September, down the west coast of France, through Portugal to southern Spain then back up through the middle to the Pyrenees. It will be good to have as much security as we can muster as I imagine that official camping spots will be as rare as hens teeth away from the major tourist trails in Spain.
We made a similar long trip mid 70's with 2 babies in a 12' caravan (to Greece for 6 months) and met such great people en route that we vowed to do it again when time and opportunity allowed. Now that we have both packed up work and the babies have all flown the nest - off we go. Perhaps we'll meet up on the way.

Again thanks

Happy camping (or whatever)
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