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May 17, 2016
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I'm currently trying to tweek the Victron shunt and solar settings for my new batteries. I've spoke to KS who said to speak to Victron who said to speak to dealer. Not heard back from dealer yet so....

I've got 2 125ah KS compacts in parallel with solar supplied via Victron MPPT.

Basically can anyone be bothered to fill in the blanks here.... I've found a few settings for lithium in the victron manual but it also says "unless battery supplier advises otherwise" so are the settings I've filled in correct?

Battery Capacity: 250Ah

Charged Voltage: 14.2v

Discharge Floor: 15%

Tail Current:

Charged Detection Time:

Peukert Exponent: 1.05

Charge Efficiency Factor: 99%

Current Threshold:

Time-to-go Averaging Period

As for the solar, I have simply changed the battery pre-set over to 'smart lithium (LiFePo4)' Is this all I need to do here?

Thanks for any help. I appreciate it's been done to death on here but can't find anything directly relating to this.

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