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Hi, my husband and I are in our mid 50's, just retired and hoping to take a trip to Europe in September 2008. As this is our first trip overseas, we are novices on this and I find it all a bit daunting at the moment. We are considering purchasing/hiring/leasing a motorhome for the period. We may be staying for 3-12 months. Would anyone have comments on which is better. We will probably start off in Italy as Frank has relatives there which may be helpful with the language. Are there any places better for purchasing motorhomes and are there any good tips we need to be aware of. Insurance etc, registration, proof of ownership etc. What is the advantage of being in a Motorhome Club.

Hoping to hear from someone

With thanks, Frank and Lynne
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Jul 29, 2007
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Hi Frank and Lyn a very Big welcome to our fun site, my tip would be buy outright and buy in Europe, enjoy your tour (you will proberbly keep the Motorhome anyway) but if you decide to sell, sell in the UK, to maximise your return on the purchase price, there will be impot tax,vat ect but you could finish up with free use of it and some, there will be more folk along in a mo:thumb:
regards Geo


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Jan 5, 2008
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Hi Frank and Lynne welcome,

Six of one and half a dozen of the other, my advice would be to buy british, just make sure it comes from a good home and its low mileage.

You will no doubt love it to bits and want to carry on when you come back.

If you want any advice, give Lawrence or David a ring and have a chat to them or if you are down our way, just pop in.

(mind the speed cameras 30mph just before you get to us)


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There's a book that gives al sorts of necessary info about all the countries of Europe. We find it quite useful.
Unfortunately we're revamping and all our reference books are in a heap at the moment, so I can't remember what it's called. But there's a chap on here called Don Madge. He's bound to know.:Smile:

Over to you Don.:thumb:

As for the trip - plan it well - but be ready to go to plan B or C or Z, take it easy and enjoy it.
There are places that aren't too safe to stay (some aires de service and suchlike for example); we haven't used any of those so don't know much about them, but there are people here who know more.

Other stuff like getting fuel in France on Sunday and getting anything repaired at the weekend in Germany just add to the fun (if you've got a sense of humour).

All the best



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Hi Ozilynne, Welcome to the fun. You are in for a treat, there are lots of people all over Europe doing exactly what you are doing and you will probably meet quite a few of them in the course of a year. Many of these people when you do meet them will give you lots of up-to-date advice about places to stay and things to see. My advice is to only have a loose flexible plan and go with the flow.

Reading about others experiences is always a good idea and we have plenty of those in our >Motorhome Bookshop<. As for buying a Motorhome, buy a low mileage model privately, this will be much cheaper than from a dealer. The benefits of buying from a dealer are the guarantees, but these won't be much good to you as you will buy it and then get on the ferry anyway.

Come back here with your questions and why not start a blog here and tell us all about your travels::bigsmile:

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Aug 20, 2007
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Hi Frank and Lynne and A Big welcome TO Motorhome Fun.

As for what is best It's "Horses for Courses"

Choose the best layout that suits your lifestyle.

There are, as usual Pros and Cons of both European and American vans.

ARV's tend to have larger motors and consequently have a higher fuel consumption.

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