New Spanish speed limits, end of summer

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    NEW speed limits on all Spanish roads are expected to be in force by the end of the summer, announces the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).
    According to its leader, María Seguí, certain town roads will see their limits reduced from the standard 50 kilometres per hour to 30 or even 20, meaning first gear only for most cars.
    And speed limits on all secondary roads will reduce to 90 kilometres per hour, as opposed to 100 as many currently stand at.
    Seguí says this is because a quarter of all fatalities in road accidents happen in towns, and involve pedestrians and cyclists more than drivers or passengers.
    Certain stretches of the motorways will increase to 130 kilometres per hour, provided they meet specific requirements relating to road and weather conditions.
    Limits of 30 kilometres per hour will apply to single-carriageway town roads, and 20 kilometres per hour to those with no cycle lanes or where there are high numbers of pedestrians.

    I hope that I have managed to insert the speed/fine scale below.

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    Do these restrictions really matter? As far as I can remember about 99.8% of Spanish drivers ignore them any way.

    These events are happening at home. There is much talk of 20mph in all built up areas, we already have it in St Neots and we already have varying speed limits (i.e lower limits most of the time) on many of our motorways.
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    I think the reason to be fully aware is that the Spanish police have on the spot cash fines, they are known for going for easy targets.. It was rumoured that they are self funding and when the pot's low or it's near payday they find some easy targets and "top up"...
    I have read many stories on Facebook sites about silly stops and fines..

    OK.. We should not be speeding and while I take every care not to, sometimes it can be real hard. Imagine being at the front of a long traffic line and hitting a 20kmh limit.. That's going to feel real slow and if your the first in the line there will be all that traffic behind you and a possability of snr plod waiting around the bend.. :Doh:
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    So you pull in before the lower speed limit, let the locals through first

    But then you follow through at 21 kph, plod stops you saying your were speeding, then what do you do

    My continental nightmare having been bullied by French police into passing over 750 euros cash for an offence I really do not think I committed

    If the fine is less than 100 euro, accept it and move on? but at what point should you fight back in pigeon English??
  5. Road Runner

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    The Spanish have relieved me of 100 euros recently:cry-smile:

    David one of my pal's was hit for 1000 euros by French police, he was clocked at 200 kms though and they also took his licence for 3 month as well and apparently going to post it back to him in 3 months. They drove him to a nearby bank for the funds........
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