New Server Needed For Work...Any Takers??

Discussion in 'Computers' started by dazzer, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Finally decided its time to replace the server at work. Its at least 6 years old and runs Win Server 2003 so its a dinosaur (but still going strong!!!)

    We have 3 PCs connected to the network 2 are ok but 1 is pretty old and does need to be replaced.

    We use the server to store quotes and information for jobs (all MS Office based applications)and also to store the accounts information on Sage. There is no high usage applications we dont do music or download videos etc, its just a very very basic system.

    We use Microsoft Exchange for our email system which I need to be able to access from home and also my Tablet PC (Android OS)

    Ive had a couple of prices from local companies and the cost of the server is pretty much what I was expecting but thay are all saying I must have a maintenance package at stupid amounts per month or they wont do the job.

    I have never needed a maintenance package in 12 years or running a server and when it broke i got it fixed at considerably less cost than any package would have cost.

    I am based in Blackpool Lancashire if anyone is interested please PM me with your phone number and I will ring you so we can have a chat.

    I really want a server based system, we got broken into a couple of years ago and they knicked all the computers, well all but the server which is in a separate locked room in a steel cage which is bolted down to the floor and locked with a bloody gert big lock. They tried to get it but gave up pretty quickly!!

    We were up and running again by lunchtime as if nothing had happened and I said I would always want the back up and security of a server system.

    I know everyone is now going cloud based but ive never been comfortable loading all my information up to someone else who may go bust tomorrow.
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    Good idea asking here, sorry I cannot help but hope someone else can Funsters are always full of good information
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    I think I have managed to send you a PM


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