New Peugeot Boxer Radio Wiring tip


Feb 23, 2019
Cambridge UK
Funster No
Globescout Plus
Slight to minor!
Just a heads up after fixing my radio issue with my new Peugeot about the wiring:

The Boxer arrives with a standard combined ISO 10487 connector as detailed here:

but you cannot simply plug it into a new ISO 10487 radio and expect all to be well, you may well have the following problems:

1) Forgetfulness of radio stations
2) Clock stopping in time or resetting
3) Other misc settings not being recalled.

The reason is because many, even posh radios today only remember certain things while there is a permanent +12V going to the set. It can have temporary dips like when starting the engine etc, but it cannot cope with being switched off.
The lack of this permanent 12V is because for some reason the radio makers don't always agree with the van makers about the position of A4 and A7, the switched and permanent lives.

Wikipedia says A4 is B+ (permanent battery, used for all serious power), and A7 is switched, a thinner wire to tell it to switch on, but looking at the diagram on my Blaupunkt - Wikipedia is saying the Boxer is correct but the Blaupunkt is wrong. The Blaupunkt says A7 is B+ and A4 is switched. I.e. the Blaupunkt uses A7 and A8 as the permanent +ve and -ve at the end of Plug A (which sort of makes sense), but the Wiki entry and the Boxer don't.
I have no idea which is correct or what the Fiat is.

So the reason for this post is so when fitting a radio to the Peugeot base, use a multimeter and your eyes (looking for the thicker wire) to identify the B+ permanent live and then look at the radio instructions and the radio case to see the pinout matches.

Mine didn't, so I had to use an ISO 10487 extender and switch them around to make it work properly. I also added a couple of diodes and a relay + switch + capacitor so that I can use the hab battery to power the radio too, but that's a different mod...
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