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    Jun 30, 2013
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    so, we sold our 3 year old Autosleeper to free up some cash to finish refurbishing our house before the winter. We bought a huge Winnebago to live in while we did the work, but finished earlier than we expected and sold the Winnebago ( it was just too big for us to drive around in, but brilliant for motorway journeys and living in)
    Anyway, we bought an old (1997) Swift Royale 610.
    It's in great condition and dry inside and we just completed a 350 mile trip up to Suffolk and back to Kent
    It drove perfectly and returned around 30mpg.
    We will be travelling back to France in it in a day or so.
    It has traditional u shaped seating at the back that converts to a really comfy double bed, and another overcab double.
    It wasn't the layout or make of van we were looking for ( we originally wanted an old Hymer but couldn't find a good one) but we have adapted to live in it and now love it.
    Who needs a new van!!!
    Anyway, I just bought a Gas-it kit and will fit it as soon as our full gas bottle runs out.
    Oh, and the roof needs a good wash, as soon as we get back to France, I'll get the stepladders and hosepipe out for Mrs A.....
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