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    May 20, 2009
    I hadn’t planned to buy another van yet though my partner and I have been looking for the last few months. We had been out for the day visiting my partners mum who is in a care home in Swanick Derbyshire and thought we would call around to Motor home plus in Derby on our way home.
    Just over a week ago we went to a small exhibition of motor homes at Denby Pottery and saw one we liked, well not exactly, I think it was the model up or it could have been last years model.
    Anyway the sales man said if we were interested they would be having that other model coming into their showroom in a week or so.
    My partner like it straight away and if the woman’s happy then so is I.

    We have a Peugeot Compass Rambler 130 model now; owned it for nearly two years and travelled eight thousand pleasurable miles in and around the British Isles but not Ireland yet.
    The only draw back with this model is making the bed up every evening it was becoming a bind.
    Ok, one could if one liked sleep in the coffin over the cab but we find that sleeping area rather cramped, its spacious enough if one is single or for two children but for two adults to sleep up there it’s rather, as I say cramped, especially for the one who gets the blunt end.

    I didn’t realise until I went to look on the Internet that the Cotswold F/B Autosleeper has won several awards, anyway I haven’t got a date yet to pick it up, the sales person said it would take up to and no more then ten days to complete my order.
    Is now planning our first trip out in it and it could be Ireland with my partners conjoined twin later this year but I think I might be able to fit a small trip out before that adventure begins..

    I nearly forgot to tell you, I got twenty six thousand pounds for my trade in, six months ago I was offered twenty one thousand, I paid nearly two years ago twenty five for it, its on a 57 plate basically two years free motoring.

    Bip. :thumb:

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