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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Braveheart252, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Braveheart252

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    Hi, just wanted to introduce my wife Diane and I as we have just joined.

    We are Scots who have lived overseas for nearly 25 years currently in the Philippines. I retired last year and though we will stay in Manila for a few years are looking to buy a property in probably Spain soon.

    We are keen to buy a Motorhome and have researched lots but done none!! Original plan was to buy and store it in Europe and pick it up for a month or two every year. Also our children, now in 30's could use it.

    Did find a Car and Motorhome Club in Denmark that buys vehicles on behalf of their members, insures them and stores them which looked ideal. Unfortunately after a great start the communication just dried up and we made no progress.

    So that is what we are looking for. To buy a motorhome in say Germany and keep it stored, registered and insured around there with easy access when we fly in. Post retirement we are spending 2/3 months a year in UK and Europe but scuttle back to Philippines when it gets cool!

    Any thoughts of a Club or Facility that could buy, register and insure on our behalf in Europe appreciated. We are in UK and Spain September October and plan being in Germany in April.

    Nice to meet you all and looking forward to Motorhoming!!

    Mike and Diane
  2. DuxDeluxe

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    Planet Zog
    Welcome on board. I can't help but I'm sure that others can offer advice.......some of it even useful/relevant;)

    Whereabouts in the Philippines are you (edit - sorry, didn't see the Manila bit, which gives a clue) ? I used to manage one of our back office operations in Makati and always greatly enjoyed the visits for training. Still have friends from those days all over the place now and really enjoyed our dinners in the green belt

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  3. hilldweller

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    That seems a lot of hassle. How about find a good hire firm, that way no hassle and always a nice fresh MH for you when you want it. Hiring is very big on the continent.
  4. Judge Mental

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    Sarth London

    Agree.....Yes a very expensive option for a few months use a year. European hire cheaper then here anyway, so just do the math. 8 weeks hire V the capital outlay of a depreciating asset (van :)) plus horrendous cost of this type of insurance.

    I know a German company that used to offer something like this (not sure if they still due to the cost of insurance issue) PM me with email address and details and i'll put you in touch

  5. DonA4000

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    Hello and welcome :)
  6. Momo

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    Valencia City, Spain
    Hi Mike & Diane and welcome to the Fun!:welc::party:
  7. ianandkath

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    god's country(lancs)
    hi and welcome to the mad house
  8. Braveheart252

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    Hi guys. Many thanks for the welcome and helpful advise. Great to be part of the group and as soon to be newbies great to see the posts here.

    We now live in Alabang DuxDeluxe but lived in Bonifacio Global City for 8 years. Great restaurants in Greenbelt!

    Appreciate the comments regarding renting rather than buying. My wife opinion too! We will rent for the first time but still thinking of buying as we are likely to then use it more and the kids can use it too. Rental looks like 7k euro for 2 months so ok for that level of use but heavy if more. Also cross border issues. Kinda like my own vehicle also - less surprises! Was thinking a 2/3 year old van.

    Will PM you Eddie. Once I figure out how!!

    Again thanks everyone for the welcome and really helpful info.

    Mike and Di

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