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Hi all,
firstly my i wish every one a very happy xmas and a prosperous new year.

iam in the process of looking for my first ever secondhand motorhome, but not sure about what model to look out for................ 1st on my list is a mercedes based autotrail, the only reason for this is i own a mercedes van and up to now has been very reliable and iam also aware they can do alot of miles if regulary serviced and have a good build quality.......the only problem is, with my budget of only £7k they are very hard to find in good condition and reasoable mileage etc.
i wanted advise please on the older fiat ducatos/ talbot express, ( iam aware that fiat engineering isnt the best) as i own a 03 fiat car which has given me all kinds of problems, and was wondering if the older models where the same etc,and if so, i will gladly leave alone.

Also, would like your advise please on a left hand drive fiat/talbot, ie, apart from the reliability side, is the insurance any dearer for a lhd vehicle? also, can parts be bought just as easy etc etc?

Finally any advise about any motorhome would be very much appreciated, ie, what to look out for and avoid etc etc.
thanks once again.
Aug 16, 2007
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Tetleys, look for an old Hymer Camp as the build quality was very good.
I think you will have to put your budget up a little and look on fleabay!!
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Jul 29, 2007
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Hi Tetlys there is a Motorhome out there for you BUT, there is always a BUT isn't there
not wishing to pour water on your parade, I think your budget is a little on the low side, and how do I know,
there isn't a man on here that can say he went out with his budget and bought what he wanted/expected to get with his money, its a cruel world and lifes expectations are alway 50% behind costs Good luck with your search and I hope you proove me wrong
As an example when i was looking my budget of 10 K was going to buy me the very best it turned out 20K got me a nice van
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Oct 4, 2007
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Welcome to Leeds Home of Joshua Tetley Brewers since 1822!
Sorry thats just a flashback of every time i came home on the train!:ROFLMAO:
Don't panic!
I bought a 1987 Fiat Ducati with a Swift Contiki 6 bearth jobbie on the back for £5000!
It had a few nick nacks that needed fixing but its a bloody good 6 bearth Motorhome!
It was also converted for Disabled access which makes it like rocking horse poop!
I could have sold it two days later for £9000!
Yes Bargains are out there!
For your budget you can buy a tidy motor but only if you know what your doing and buy private!

When you check it out make sure you turn everything on and make sure its working!
Then knock the price down to cover everything you have to fix!
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