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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by Forestboy, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Called in Lazydays Seffner last week to look at the new Four Winds Serrano Front Engine Diesel 98" wide 32ft long.(actually 34ft6in we took a tape) even then the salesman argued the tape was wrong:Eeek:

    Four Winds Serrano Motorhomes at Lazydays - On lot now!

    First impression was good really nice layout although no wardrobe space masses of lockers even Geo would struggle to fill them all.

    Then the rot set in, as usual with Lazydays, the bedroom door fell off, a kitchen cupboard door fell off and a drawer jammed half in/out. Then the slide siezed solid 3 inches out and would'nt budge. We took it for a test drive and it broke down less than mile out, we managed to start it again eventually and it stopped twice on the way back, a complete fiasco. The salesman could'nt have cared less and tried to give us a load of old BS about handbuilt vehicles compared to production line vehicles, needless to say he got a load back especially from Jan.

    No wonder they're going bust they can't even be bothered to check over new vehicles and the RV manufacturers are no better I'm afraid they get everything they deserve. This may well be a cheaper brand vehicle but $145000 is hardly chicken feed and the so called better brands are no better anyway. We looked at a new Monaco and the slide came out and ripped the the side out and another one had bulges where the caps had been forced on over internal screws that had'nt been fitted properly.

    I have no patience with these clowns and is the reason I advocate screwing them for the best deal possible when buying because once you've parted with your cash there's no going back. The new oners of Monaco have just proved that with the statement they will not honour warrenties on any Monacos bought before they took over. The arrogance of the manufacturers and dealers American and European and the complete contempt with which they treat customers is beyond belief.

    When will they learn.

    An interesting observation in our time there we noticed far more small B & C class Rv on the road than ever before. Also on the dealers lots there were loads of A class for sale but very few B & C most were sold. Also plenty of discount on A class but hardly any on B & C class.
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