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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by Mroyal, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Mroyal

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    Aug 11, 2012
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    I am a 6ft 4. Larger than the average bear looking to buy first motor home basically off my wife and me to tour when I retire.

    Looking for ideas on size, makes, types etc and worthwhile dealers in south Wales

    Things to avoid, makes, age of vehicle etc

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated

  2. Terry

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    Dec 27, 2007
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    South yorks
    Hi and welcome :thumb:go for comfort in your van. It is not a lot of use having a drop down bed if you cannot climb into it or perhaps get out in the middle of the night if you had too much wine LAYOUT / comfort is the single most thing you should be looking at We have tied all sorts of layouts from 2 / 4 berth to 6 to 4 again then 6 again and now in a 2 which suits us great. Get out and look / try out as many bed layouts and don't be scared to put up climb in etc, etc, before buying
    Use one of the shows or a dealer to try this and get a good idea what is going to suit you then look for what you want.
    Also try hiring one for a weekend or mid week this will give a good idea as to what you want :thumb:
    Ones to avoid :Smile:old bambis :Wink::BigGrin::BigGrin:
  3. wizzer59

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    Apr 18, 2009
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    Englishman in Mid Wales
    Hi and welcome Mark:thumb:. All I can say is don't rush in to it and look at as many Vans as you can, I think you will see more motorhomes in one place if you were to go to a Motorhome show, and as it happens one of the best is coming up not that far from you on the 17th to 19th August 2012
    Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs, WR13 6NW

    You can read all about it here
    and as for Dealers try here

    Good luck and happy travels:thumb:

    Ps. Look up the funsters at Malverns if you go:thumb:
  4. Forestboy

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    Jul 31, 2007
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    Forest of Dean
    Layout everytime is the single most important feature when buying a van and the type of layout you need depends on how you intend to use the van. If its only weekends making up a bed is ok, on long trips for weeks on end it becomes a real pain. Again a good lounge is important if you're going to spend a lot of time in the van.

    Size is probably the next its so easy to get carried away and have everything but not much fun when you can't go anywhere without preplanning. We've had several American RVs and they're great have every amenity you need and are relatively cheap but totally impractical and horrendously expensive to run.

    Go to a few shows look at as many layouts as possible choose what you think will suit your needs then try to hire one with a similar layout for a week and see how you get on, better to waste a few hundred quid than many thousands.
    Good luck:thumb:
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  5. motorhomelover

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    Jul 28, 2010
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    The world
    More info required
    as price will be the biggest factor
    if you have the money every thing is possible

    however not many can afford a new top of the range unit

    if you want a rig that will last look for an RV they have full size beds and built out of unsubstantial materials Unlike Euro boxes as these are built to be light weight as the chassis base are so small and light

    it all comes down to the personal feelings of the individual

    I have a 27ft long RV with all the American fittings
    Air con, full size fridge large freezer double fixed bed bath shower underfloor belly lockers
    the things i wanted but could not get in a Euro-box

    make a list of wants and needs and then go looking
    every thing will be a compromise even when buying new

    good luck

    yours ian

  6. Griffs

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    Aug 15, 2007
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    You may need to look outside South Wales.
  7. Kasey

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    Nov 10, 2011
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    Dont forget to consider 5th wheelers. You have a manufacturer of them (5th wheel company) in North Wales. Also Calder Leisure in Scotland. Lots of different layouts to suit most peoples preferences and sizes.
  8. Encantador

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    Jul 2, 2011
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    I am 6ft 5in and 18 stones, wife is 5ft 3in and 8 stones, we looked at a lot of vans including RV`s. If money was no object, would probably have gone for a RV, but the 10mpg and possibility of very expensive repairs put me off.

    Only ever felt comfortable (apart from RV`s) in tag axles with a fixed bed, ended up buying a Swift Kon-Tiki 669 which we are very pleased with and no regrets.

    Also have a largish dog to consider, so also made the decision to buy a privacy room, as it`s a big van it has ro be a big privacy room too, ours is just over 5 metres long, so lots of extra space.

    A lot of MH`ers would not entertain a privacy room/awning, but we knew we would regularly want to stay in one place for a few days, so knew the cost/effort would be worth it. Only used it a couple of times so far and I can put it up in an hour and take it down in less, we also have a reasonable sized garage, which helps.

    Next week we are at Malvern show for 4 days and then driving down to Devon and staying on the same site for 7 days, so it will be used the whole time.

    As has been said, a lot depends on how you plan to use the MH.

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    New Forest
    Truth will out.................:Rofl1: :Laughing: :Rofl1:

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