new batteries with truma heating and lpg conversion with a diesel heater among full interior change (1 Viewer)

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Jul 1, 2022
Doncaster, UK
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fiat ducato bessacar
First off I want to say thank you to the members in this brilliant community for the help the past year
Especially two on tour he’s been a great help with the diesel heater install and helping with lots of questions

my first experience with my first motorhome wasnt the best having bought one with some mechanical problems from the get go

After many parts swapped and the engine all good now we started on the inside! It’s a old girl 2010 bessacar e660
I wanted a different colour scheme interior and to upgrade all the old outdated Equipment wiring / control panels etc …

I wanted a off grid van to relie on solar only and batteries, so went for the Victron set up
Lpg conversion
but went down the Truma combi heater route with inet box with cp plus so everything is Bluetooth and will work with the cerbo gx being our new control panel

It’s been a long process because I have done everything myself apart from the mechanical issues or cushions

Last weekend was the first time out and the system runs flawless I’m so happy with it. 500w solar with 500ah of hybrid battery bank

All interior seats cushions covers carpets was changed to grey . Cabinets/table had vinyl wrap
I fitted a cab curtain to save having to leave blinds closed in the day
All thermal blinds fitted throughout
Full cctv the blink camera option with everything being able to take commands from Alexa 😊 that cerbo gx is something else
This is how I pictured my van to look so I’m very happy I have done it all on a budget too 😊
Thank you again we finally got there ….

E65C9314-3B6B-4AAC-B093-7A5879272436.jpeg AF47501F-646D-4CCE-8CB3-9CD0C28EC475.jpeg AC7B9E26-7C03-437A-A060-8CA4608450DC.jpeg 7872BED5-AFCE-47F3-B300-82BCBC8AC644.jpeg ABA540E1-39DF-4EB2-B4BE-3C1F61C8D5F3.jpeg 17B4A188-6F7F-4A2E-8DE5-8E3D6BFA619C.jpeg 963D231F-5C7C-4ECE-A518-9C91E7F370BB.jpeg D6E7949D-82C9-407F-8A72-BB56479F7A51.jpeg B97F88AA-8617-45F9-A15F-6B7902306082.jpeg 49FC197B-CF07-47D5-B65F-8BD731F38602.jpeg 007F1368-4C9F-4037-AFCC-E3D4AA0D447E.jpeg E738F5CA-AFAB-40B0-8D0A-F7F3F7C1A428.jpeg 6EC829BD-BA8C-48F6-AC7A-86A742A49310.jpeg 0DE99FE5-41C2-49C9-8920-A087C294D31C.jpeg A693D872-4085-40C6-8414-E3456C908CCA.jpeg F690C600-31F3-4BF0-859D-8E27A00A36BE.jpeg EDF88868-8331-4757-AFB7-FB4568B60B32.jpeg 0E6A32CC-53F1-4794-9F5E-D2AF91D23F2B.jpeg EC3B3266-40A4-4D37-8280-A5B271D547F2.jpeg E08522F4-A62B-4A4F-8F6A-8532C3A46022.png F58ADACA-0C37-4A19-BD92-BA7ED9E319E4.png 2F3718BB-5F90-4081-8156-08943DF579B5.jpeg D52122F3-0B2B-45EF-8B94-A78EAEB28C5A.jpeg
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