New Average Speed Cameras on QE2 Bridge (Dartford crossing)

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by BelAir, May 4, 2009.

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    Have just received the following information from ACCEO, which although we are all law abiding motorists (well most of the time anyway!), might be useful to know that there is yet another effort by the Government to relieve us of a few more pounds.

    During last week, there were “SPECS” (Average Speed) Cameras being erected on the QE2 "Dartford" Bridge in Essex/Kent. They start just before the bridge (Essex side) and end before the tolls at the Kent end. If you have driven by recently and not noticed them, it is because they are mounted on overhead gantries rather than on the normal yellow or blue poles. Pictures can be seen at: <QE2 Dartford Bridge New SPECS Cameras

    There is very often a delay between the cameras being put up and actually going live, but our source tells us that they are indeed due to go live this week.

    The “SPECS” area on the other (tunnel) side of the road is also being extended but we understand that the extra cameras haven't been cabled in yet.

    If you own a BTST Locator, the bridge cameras have been added in the morning (along with 52 other changes last week) so, it is recommended you update yours ASAP!

    Happy travelling.
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    Yep, spotted these the other week. Designed to raise more revenue from the tunnel that was supposed to be free as soon as the bridge was paid for (about 2002, it was). It'll be interesting becuase almost everybody ignores the 60/50 limit approaching the tolls (when the traffic isn't stationary, that is....) and presumably that's why they are there.

    In the right place, specs are a good idea. How many people know of the array on the M25 anticlockwise between J28 (A12) and J29(M11)? Been there a while now but not easy to spot unless you get an alert.

    I ALWAYS stick to the speed limits anyway.......:whistle::whistle:
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    Weve got loads of these Cash Gatherers in Nottingham

    Theres even an Unfair set which are about 4 Miles apart on the A52 go over average and your licence goes for a Welsh Holiday!!!

    They also set up a Massive Plasma at the side of the road showing your speed and reg sometimes - gits!!

    Mind you I dont know about anybody else but when us out of towners go over the bridge were normally sluggin to take in the incredable view!!!

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    :shout: No-- not tax gathers but punshiment for law breakers. As the man said ''if you do not like the heat in the kitchen don't go there!'':Eeek:

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