New Aires De Service In The Haute Vienne

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    Morning folks,

    There are new aires de service south of Limoges in the direction of Perigueux.

    The first to mention is in the town of Sereilhac and is situated in the centre ville just off the N21 - GPS 45.767510N - 1.078927E. The parking is free, but water and electricity are available by jetons available from the Marie and the tabac / bar

    The second is at l'Espace Hermeline, in the commune of Bussière Galant, east of Châlus. GPS 45.614408N - 1.032205E. The parking is free anywhere within the confines of the general parking areas, but the services are, again payable through the use of jetons available from "acceuil" adjacent to the parking. However, this is only open daily during the summer school holidays and at week-ends from April to the end of October. I have discussed with the person responsible about the possibility of having the jetons available from the mairie or the local shops. Because these jetons are of a common type it may well be likely that you already have one or more in your camping car.

    L'Espace Hermeline is the local name given to the "plan d'eau", but it is more than just a lake with a beach. Great fun is the 400 metre zip wire across the lake. There is also a velorail - allow 2 hours for the entire journey to Châlus and back, an adventure course in the trees, fishing and mini -golf.

    Both are very peaceful locations.

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    Thanks for this info,updated my poi's for france,we do like the Limousin area.(y)

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