need new fan and relay

Discussion in 'Motorhome Help for the Beginner' started by dazzaandjay, May 7, 2009.

  1. dazzaandjay


    Mar 14, 2009
    Sahorre, South France
    Hi there
    can anyone help me know where to best buy some bits for my 2001 hymer b754 on a fiat ducato 2.8jtd.

    the fan has packed up, the large one on the passenger left side of vehicle and the little thing in the top of the rad, fiat call it a "engine fan adjustment resistance), but its basically some sort of coil with some resistor that sits in top of rad (not in the water) and has 2 leads off of it.

    i live in france in the sticks and dealers are miles away, hoping to find one online somewhere, got the old ones out so just need replacements as I have tested both and they are both dead :-(

    also, on another note (sorry to be gready on peoples time) but the MH we bought is a UK based LHD vehicle, its on UK plates, I am going to bring this onto french plates, to do so i have to get a certificate of conformity (coc), I wrote to the hymer dealer in belgium (campirama (where van is originally from)) and they said it would cost me 350 euro! (for a single piece of paper and something a EU dealer of goods should surely provide!).

    the van has an LPG tank as well that I have to get a cert for, fitted by campirama in person, who say they cannot provide a certificate :-( seems a strange thing to me.

    thanks in advance for any help on the above, its a holiday here tomo, so will be off to scrappies on monday if no joy, which is not an easy task where we live.

    dont some excellent trips in the MH so far, wish I had bought one years ago, did 2000km from the UK across France taking in La Rochelle and many other places, all wild camping and free aires. We have done some french coastal weekends around sete, palavas les flots etc, done carcassone and the cathars region another time, last weekend we took in the french coast from perpignan to cerbere across into spain and down to the bay of roses and places around there, had an excellent time, no problems with police etc and we stayed right in the town looking at hte beach from our front window in roses, excellent :)


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