Need help and advice for a snowy trip

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by jhbgaiem, Jan 6, 2010.

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    Galapagar near Madrid, Spain
    WE are two old fools leaving Spain in a couple of weeks to celebrate two birthday parties in the south of England.
    Our MH vehicle is a low profile on a Sprinter 306 chassis.
    This will be our first winter trip and we need advice and tips on anything and especially:

    1. What is best, Snow tires, chaines or snow socks?

    2. We have two (Spanish) gas bottles - is this enough for 4 weeks heating?

    3. Is is possible to refill Spanish Repsol Bottles in the UK?

    4. To stop pipes freezing - is the van heating enough or do you run with the central heating on?

    All advice received with grateful thanks :thumb:
  2. scotjimland

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    My advice would be to stay put, why risk a perilous journey for a party or two .. ?

    I've no experience of snow chains, a piece of kit I'd rather not need.. but I would say essential for your proposed trip.

    Gas usage will be high so 2 bottles may not be enough, if you run out in the UK you will need to buy Calor as you cannot refill Spanish bottles or exchange them .

    If it's freezing conditions I would probably run with the van heating on..

    I would also advise taking a portable genny, if you get stuck in the snow the batteries won't last for ever ..

    Good luck..

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  3. Braunston

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    May 21, 2008
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    I know its not exactly the answer you want, but if you really have to come over i would fly and book into a hotel, even that at the present moment is not a great idea.

    What every you do i hope you have a good time,
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    The south of England is experiencing its coldest spell for 30 years and it is forecast to continue for at least a week further.

    The overnight temperatures are well below zero, I recorded -8.5 this morning at 08.00, before that the batteries in the outside temperature sender froze and couldn't record the temperature.

    I've just extended my stay at C&C Devizes as I have no wish to become another cold weather statistic on our treacherous roads.

    So my advice is stay where you are, you might be lucky and get through but why take the risk, the alternative is not worth contemplating.
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  5. derekfaeberwick

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    Your van will be similar to mine I imagine, and there is no way I would consider using snow chains on it. If one breaks, it does happen, or comes adrift, then it would flay the floor of your van and I hate to think what the resultant bill and inconvenience would cost.

  6. JayDee

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    N. Devon
    I concur with all the above.

    The south of the country is practically at a standstill. Here in north Devon, which is not renowned for extreme temperatures other than on Exmoor, my weather minder has recorded a minimum -7.8C. These conditions are set to continue.

    Have a look on Weather Bug (for example) and enter the points you would be passing through and see what the weeks forecast is saying. Then remember that the conditions are already dreadful and there is little opportunity to clear any but the major roads. If there is a pressing need to make a journey (daughters wedding, family funeral, collecting your jackpot winnings) then I would take the risk (for risk it is). Otherwise I would stroll down to the beach, take my clothes off, crack another San Miguel and phone the party people and explain that on balance a nice all-over suntan is less life threatening (and more appealing) than being stranded on a frozen road for 36 hours, waiting for the rescue services to get through to you.
    Sad I know. We like a good party, but there will no doubt be others under less challenging conditions.


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