nds/roadpro battery monitor possible issue (1 Viewer)

Dec 5, 2022
Lichfield, UK
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autotrail navajo
4 yrs
Hi all, does have anyone have an nds/roadro battery monitor, if so according to the instructions if in active it should go into sleep mode but my display is active with screen lit, is this correct, even if not used for say 20hrs.
Secondly the lithiums I have fitted shut down after 24hrs if less than 1amp draw detected but when the bms wakes up the battery monitor comes back to life but shows battery condition as 0% and the b2b charges at 40a although the blue tooth connection shows batteries at 100%, this 40a charging rate continues for approx 5 minutes then starts to drop and after approx 3 more minutes the nds/road pro battery display suddenly changes to 100% and the b2b charger shuts off, I'm concerned that something is not right and a fully charged lithium getting a 40a charge for approx 5 minutes is not good..any thoughts or experience of this screen and what's happening appreciated.

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