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staging lady

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Nov 12, 2007
North Wales in the Hills
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6 years but caravan owner in past
Brilliant new site but I am still a learner driver in it. Posts are much easier to write,magic.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Wrenbury but will arrive disorganised!

As soon as we got home from Italy the builders said we have a slot to do the work you asked about in March. Now, we all know better than to refuse a slot or you never see them again for months! So the inside and the outside of the house is a building site- roof work,new water pump for well,new window and frame old one rotted,new wall and cast iron work fitting,new cupboards and shelves in dressing room aghhhh!
Plus a trip to Cheyne's beautiful wedding last weekend and turning an office into a nursery and painting that nursery for the daughter who is due to produce our first grandchild next week,it's a bit manic.
So if you see an old lady wandering round in a daze, it's me, ..... please be gentle and point me back to our Frankia!:)