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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Jackomet, Sep 8, 2010.

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    :Angry: So as a qualified Nationwide member who now cannot get 0% comission at foreign ATM's but instead is offered £80 discount off multi-trip annual travel insurance, I gave them a ring.
    To extend to their max duration, 180 days is £220, that is the equivalent of a £300 policy. Now up till now I can get a similar cover for the whole year for less than half of that, so what a great freebe that is. They also now push their Tuxedo pre loaded € card, sounds OK till you look at the small print and their charges i.e. re loading in Europe.
    For a BS, they are looking more like the rest of the money making scum banks.
    OK rant over, but it still rankels that the banks are posting massive profits mainly due to the difference in their lending (hah) and savings rates and Joe Saops like me and you are still, and will be for a year or two yet, suffering from their mistakes. OK second rant over, I better stop there or I will be throwing things at the TV again.
    Just Jack
    Back in Spain, France and Germany for the next six months soon, glad to get away from all this again.
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    Hi Jack,I had a big hooha with my local branch a couple of weeks ago re, the commision charges they are going to levy in November.
    The manager gave me a very impresive list saying how much better off I would be by staying with them.
    I pointed out that Santander were doing the same as Nationwide had been doing for years and she said no they are not...haha gotcha.
    I took her to the computer in the front office and showed her that they were...she then took a step back and said "but you have to put £1000 per month in your account and pay your standing orders from it" OK says I CLOSE IT NOW. BYE BYE.
    The whole office was in uproar,obviosly main office sent the circular thinking nobody would they think we are stupid or what...ITS MY MONEY not theres.
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    yes done the same thing, also friends of mine., thet will regret there folly at there leisure

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