National Show coming.

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    Sep 6, 2014
    I was as always not quick enough to get an application in for the show so will have to go on the Thursday and get in the punters park at a distance that is not too far towards the West. The fee is £60 on the gate no discounts at all. I cannot remember is that more than prebooking without the bits off? I was never sure if I would actually have a van then but there seems no interest on the Motorhome Depot site for it, perhaps the customers out there do not want a huge garage on a motorhome or maybe the Chausson name is enough to put them off. So as I still have it I will come up any way and just crawl under the fence into the Fun compound if the guards do not see me.
    I got lost at one of these big get-togethers, as all the vans look alike, white boxes in rows in the dark. At least this time I have a FLAGPOST to aim for so that will cut down the losing the van chances by half. I wonder if the GPS on my iphone is accurate enough to use.
    So see you all there.
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