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  1. joner8888

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    Jan 4, 2012
    Came back from a week off in the MH.
    Decided to do some Sainsurys online shopping,clicked on icon up came a different stored email address in the log on box:Eeek:
    Clicked on it ,there was a order £312-- 200 of which were fags.
    Checked my emails, lots of warnings fron Nat West, i rang them.
    They said there are attemps to transfer ammounts to Western Union bank.

    They said they stopped it but, now i can`t get in to my acc to see what else they have done:cry:
    The bank had to freeze the account and card so now i gotto wait:whatthe:
    Never thought it would happen to me.

    Sainsburys did not want to know, i said i can see the tel number,delivery address ,ect, but they said they cannot act on details from me:Angry:--- get a van with a copper and go and arrest them ,easy! but no.

    Question is for boffins, how could a log on name from someone else be stored in our pc under Sainsburys log on box at home when it was turned off for a week?

    Cash only shopping from now on.

    Keep your eyes open guys, the fraud team said they are so busy:whatthe:
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    Aug 20, 2007
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    how could a log on name from someone else be stored in our pc under Sainsburys log on box at home when it was turned off for a week?
    I expect that it wouldn't be stored on your PC but details stored on Sainburys server would be loaded, using the Cookie stored on your PC, when you accessed the Sainsburys site.
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  3. steveclecy

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    Jun 10, 2009
    Our account had some fraudulent activity around 18 months ago. The Fraud team at First Direct contacted me to query some abnormal activity.
    Within 24 hours the money was back in the account.

    In the main, UK banks are quite switched on to this type of thing. When I spoke to the team dealing, expressing concern as I choose my companies carefully before passing on details, they said that all it takes is one person in the company, which does not make the organisation untrustworthy.

    In any case, it is not the banks that lose out (other than having to maintain a Fraud team), they recover their money from the merchant.

    Even your answer to only use cash does not make you safe from crime. Skimming machines at ATMs are becoming more sophisticated and prolific.

    The answer to everyone is watch your accounts carefully - you may spot something dodgy before the bank does.

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  4. ShiftZZ

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    Feb 19, 2008
    Indeed Steve.

    The Transactional Fraud Teams work 24*7 and mostly use FICO Falcon, the big bans use the real time functionality.
    The cost of mind blowing...

    There are sonme downfalls, Amex used it and it backfired when a customer yook his girlfriend to Istanbul and decided to buy her an engagement ring, he did not tell Amex that he was going to use his card abroad and when he attemoted to buy the ring, the system kicked in, they could not contact the customer at his home number and they sent a 'suspected' fraud decline code, the merchant thought it was a fraud, rang the police and he customer was arrested.

    First Direct, known their staff for years, even the Head of who was sent down..

    Turns out that the name he uses was nit his real name changed by deed poll, FD were unaware of this, so how the hell did they check him out when he applied to work for them? :Doh:

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