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Following a similar topic on another forum I did some research into named drivers on the insurance policies.

The bottom line is; is your wife/partner capable of driving your motorhome back to the UK if you the main driver is incapacitated while you are in Spain or some far flung part of Europe.

My RAC breakdown/recovery clearly states.

We will pay for:
The cost of a replacement driver to drive your vehicle and the parties to your destination or home if a registered doctor declares you medically unfit to drive and you are the only qualified driver.
We will not pay the cost of a replacement driver if there is another qualified driver in the party who is fit to drive.

I spoke to Peter Cue of Comfort Insurance and we discussed the problem at great length and they would be very sympathetic in a case of bereavement. If you just had a broken arm or something along those lines it could be a different matter.

The problem is one does not contact Comfort in an emergency but the RAC and who's to say what their reaction would be. I've come to the conclusion that unless the named driver is capable of bringing the vehicle back to the UK take them off the policy. This is just my opinion of course.

It would be very interesting to have other members views and see the wording on their breakdown/recovery policies.

Safe travelling



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When they stated we will not pay the cost of a replacement driver if there is another qualified driver in the party who is fit to drive do they mean a named driver who is actually on the insurance?

Or, do they mean they will extend insurance cover to ANYONE in the party/family who is qualified to drive, even if they aren't on the policy.

It could be interpreted that they won't pay for a driver to turn-up if they can just add a party member to the policy - it would obviously be cheaper for them to do this than provide a driver.

Best make sure Ann-Marie never takes her HGV - I just couldn't cope :ROFLMAO:


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