Name that prizes!


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Mar 29, 2014
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Mobilvetta Euro Yacht 180
Flippin eck this motorhoming lark is tekking some getting off the ground up here in Scarborough.
Had van for a month and so far one trip to Ebor Caravans to buy washing up bowl, and one to local garage.
First trip out the heater/fan stopped working. No joke in this heatwave!
Local garage suggested local auto electrics company who diagnosed faulty switch and suggested getting parts from North East Truck and Van at York and they would fit them.
Phoned NETV who promised to email details of parts needed.
No email, so called in at NETV and given 2 print outs of suggested parts list and estimate of £200-£220 for parts.
NETV unable to say which correct set of parts. It could be a Balletti or Valeo part.
The van is a Mobilvetta Euroyacht 180 1996 reg N686 BAL
The 2 print outs from NETV from show VP13110431100120 Model 35-12 Turbo Daily Class 55 Group 31 Sub group 50 followed by
Plate 6405628 on print out 1
Plate 6405617 on print out 2
On the end of the van it says Turbo Daily 40-12 intercooler, not 35-12.

Can any one tell us which parts we need or recommend a garage who can fix it for us or do we have to take part of the van apart to identify the brand of parts, Valeo or Balletti.

Hope this makes sense to some one out there!