my self build MoHo protector.

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    Oct 6, 2016
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    (y)Have spent many hours researching alarms, liked some more than others but none of em fully met our requirements,,, solution; design & build our own... Early post launch trials have been nothing short of spectacular,,, sorry, we cant give full details yet, all will be revealed at the star studded, red carpet launch on Skegness Prom,,, date to be announced. We can ''wet your appetite'' though; the MoHo Protector, will be named ''Bang Bang Boomerang'' (ww patent protected). It basically comprises two ejector seats & a GPS enabled ''self steer'' return home system. You'll LOVE it,!!! ... Baddies Bashed & MoHo back home,,,, all in the time it takes say; OK google,,, BANG BANG BOOMERANG,! Bigguspeckus signing off.
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