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Nov 13, 2009
Great Bentley
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Sundance 590 PR
Since 1999
A solitary symbol a small mark of respect.
Worn once a year, is it too much to expect.
It's not celebrating the futility of war.
It's simply to remember the fallen one and all.

Wars are for the power crazy driven by their greed.
They could care less for those who are affected by their deeds.
Guns and bombs and soldiers lives collateral of war.
No one ever stops to question what are we fighting for?

The sadness of it all is that we know it will not stop.
They will always find another war another map to chop.
Most wars today are all about who gets to keep the oil.
The riches get divided to the victor goes the spoils.

So I wear a poppy to show I remember them with pride.
I don't wear it to offend nor will I to run and hide.
The past should be remembered because of our mistakes.
For the fallen and those left behind and the million hearts it breaks.

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