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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by don, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. don


    Apr 27, 2008
    Hi I have had many hobbies over the years ( i'm 67) motorcycling, horses(riding),
    4x4, mainly land and range rovers,mending things,carravaning and now motorhomes, oh I also like modern military planes and gadgets. horses and carravaning are now out, but love the rest.
    A lot of you have obviously had various hobbies over the years
    All the best to all,
  2. Tony Santara

    Tony Santara

    Jul 26, 2007
    Cheshire (ex Mancunian)
    Hi Don
    With a bit of luck you'll grow out of them when you get a bit older :winky: :roflmto::roflmto::roflmto:
  3. Tony Hunt

    Tony Hunt

    Sep 27, 2007
    Wimborne, Dorset
    I have to have my hobbies which is mainly metal detecting these days, I also like a bit of fishing when I can relax long enough to enjoy it. Id go mad If i couldnt get away from our business at least once a week. Took myself off for the day today right away from civilization on a dairy farm somewhere near Wincanton, just me and the cows and nature, beautiful. I even managed to find a little silver penny of Edward 1st circa 1365 approx which made my day.
  4. TheAleMan

    TheAleMan Funster

    Sep 21, 2007
    Always nice to get a hammy Tony.Well winkled mate.:thumb:

  5. haganap

    haganap Funster Life Member

    Dec 5, 2007
    Cheshire- England
    Me, other than motorhoming of course, Likes to surf and ski. things I had not previously done for years until I bought our motorhome.
    I aswell also like fishing when I get the time. And don't tell my freinds but I have taken a liking to wildlife spotting when in Scotland, looking for birds of the feather variety.

    As well as cycling and running which I never started untill i was 30.

    And at a young 39, still run out in the odd football or rugby match. :RollEyes: when required.

    the negative things I like, are stilll the dreaded tobacco and a few spirits. :Blush:

    still I said I would stop by the time im 40, 3 months to go :Blush::Angry::whatthe:
  6. ScooterSam82


    May 24, 2008
    Nottingham, Uk.
    nice find! a silver penny!

    i've got a metal detector but its over at my parents house, as me & my boyfriend have just moved into a dorma bungalow..(its cheaper to rent this place, a 3 bed semi than it was to rent a 1 bed flat in watnall!)

    but once we have got things sorted out here, i'll take metal detecting up again. :)
    (i found a rusty 1 cent in france and thats about it.. as i brought my detector over in dunkirk! last december) so i havent really used it yet.

    my hobbies are usually, Geo Caching, Riding my 125 sukida commander scooter, riding about with Gazz on the back of his transalp 650 motorbike, Fancy Rats...we've got 6 now! :O ... and we enjoy going to rat shows and trying to win nice rosettes, but we've only been to 2 so far, lol

    we have'nt been geo caching since june though as we found this place, (dorma bungalow in eastwood!) theres alot to be done to it :( .. thats why its got cheap rent.

    the back garden is a complete tip, and needs clearing (the previous owner left it like this before he sold the house to the renting people!) so at the moment me and Gazz are looking for someone to clear the garden, the garden isnt too big but no one wants to know. :(

    there is some metal from the dog pen, just wire fencing stuff, mainly junk that can be taken down the tip.. and then there are lots of weeds and a rockery that needs flattening, we'd help the person out, but no one is interested in helping us clear it al away..

    we did have a gardener quote us for the work... over £300 just to clear it, then more to flatten it! :O

    are there any handy men on here? that would come and look at our garden? and help us to get it looking nice again.

    so thats my hobbie at the moment, this house.

    we also need someone to move the electric meter and gas meter in the kitchen, but the bloke who is suppose to get people around to this house and do the work for us, cant find anyone to do it until october! :(

    so we havent got a kitchen! as such.. (computer desk with microwave on it, in the dining room is our kictchen)

    sorry for going on abit, i'm just looking everywhere for people to come around and help us out, (gas and electric people that have got a piece of paper saying that they can do the work)

    this place is more trouble than its worth at the moment.

    so really we need a handy man for the garden, an electrition and a gas

    sorry if this is off topic all, i'm just so stressed out at the moment.. the landlady wont do any of the work, she says.. its cheap rent so you can do the work!

    thats all they keep on saying.. ah!

    my other hobbies were horse riding, but the riding schools i know of only teach people how to ride.. and you cant hire a horse out for a couple of hours..

    i've been riding since i was young, so i know it all and dont need

    i wish i knew someone with a horse i could borrow, but alass i dont. :(
    (i last went riding last year in the south of france and it was fab!)

    i need to de stress,

    sorry again everyone for the off topicy bits

    from Sam.
  7. Wilbury

    Wilbury Deleted User

    Hi All,

    First hobbies at age about seven were aeromodeling and stamp collecting. I could not really afford to do either.In early teens took up cycle time trialling. When I started work the bike had to go as I needed a motorcycle to get there, two hundred and fifty miles per week just to get there. It was a real blast in the early sixties, early in the morning, out in the country, no traffic. I could not afford to compete myself but helped the local club stage the Hants Grand National Scramble a couple of times together with Grass Track Meetings at the "Mount", Ringwood.
    Now long since built on. Hi Fi and photography came next. I still have much of my old gear. A brief spell of Kayaking which came to an end when we moved to Australia and sold up much of our possessions.
    While there did SCUBA diving and Surfing. Back to Blighty in 1976, (remember that long hot summer). Bought a caravan, a Bailey Mikado CT, more or less a £1000 if my memory serves me. kept it for many years but did not really make full use of it.
    Sold it for £1000. Classic motorcycles next and then Sidecar racing as passenger, Road racing and grasstrack. Did a couple of appearances at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, (on the Helmut Fath URS and the George Aurbacker (not sure of the spelling) BMW Not much happened since due to the decline of Engineering and employment problems.Ended up completely wrecking my spine at work and because I received almost no compensation, and because I am unable to work, have had to live very thriftily since. I have dabbled with Archery as physio therapy.
    I reach sixty five in just a few months and according to how much the house and pensions will be worth, (shrinking by the day), intend getting a Motorhome and long terming or perhaps even full timing for a couple of years, and then possibly finding somewhere else in the sun to live.
    Regards to All,
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