My 1991 Fiat Ducato Compass Calypso Fault

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    Nov 2, 2011
    Further to my recent thread about the above.
    As stated previously, my van broke down in December last year. It was towed to my mechanic's workshop and remained there for almost 6 months. I t had a suspected fuel fault that proved a nightmare to trace and resulted in my replacing most of the electrics and fitting a new Webber conversion carburetor.
    For all of you who followed the thread avidly I can now reveal the actual solution:
    The culprit was a small black box from the ignition that controlled the fuel inlet on the carburetor. Ironically, I was advised on the forum that this item (marked Drucellier) was probably at fault quite early on but it checked out ok when inspected. Well, it might have looked ok but having done allsorts and replaced loads of electrical bits along the way it wasn't till we'd gone full circle and arrived back where we started that the fault was cleared. When the little Drucellier black box was replaced, Eureka!!! fault vanished, van reared up on her back wheels and she was away (literally) I sold her without further ado to a lucky buyer on ebay that had a bloody good deal,talk about a bargain :Doh:
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