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    For one night each year, over 1,000 museums throughout France take part in this event which allows visitors access to museums free of charge from sunset to approximately 0100 in the morning.
    The event aims to allow wider access to the many treasures housed within the country’s great collections.
    Many venues put on special programmes to welcome new visitors. From Brittany to the Alps, from Calais to the Pyrenees, visitors across the nation have the opportunity to explore some of the country’s finest museums free of charge.

    I believe it is May 19th this year....

    For More Information:

    Direction des Musees de France (DMF) (Tourist Info)
    6 rue des Pyramides
    Tel +33 (0)1 4015 3600.

    Website: La Nuit des Musées
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    Thought I would bump this as May 19th is just around the corner............
    If anyone is in France, and does the museum by night, please let us know:winky:

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